Olive Extraction Process

We press olives in a processing plant located on our estate, within hours of harvest to ensure maximum freshness.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted directly from the olive fruit.

This is achieved by making a paste of the fruit, malax the past at controlled temperature and centrifuging the paste to extract cold pressed extra virgin olive oil that preserves the natural taste. An Italian made processing machine is used.  Products are packaged at our own processing and packaging facility.

Aromatic Infusions

Although our olive oil is already rich and bursting with flavour in its natural form, we have also introduced a range of infused oil.

These infusions will add that extra note of flavour to your meal.

We have several different infusions, including Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Chilli, Rosemary etc.

Other Infusions are available on request!

What Selba Produces


Olive Products

  • Jarred pickled olives
  • Olive oil soap
  • Olive wood products
  • Packaged extra virgin olive oil

 Fresh Produce

  • Garlic
    • Purple (300g or as required)
    • White (300g or as required)
  • Other seasonal produce are grown in
    • Greenhouse and in beds


Citrus Fruit Products

  • Limes
  • Lemons
  • Assorted jams in jars 

Livestock & Meat

  • Doper lambs
  • Boer goats
  • Free range eggs

Other Products

  • Natural honey
  • Bee’s wax products


Selba Farm delivers all over Australia, by courier and by post.
We offer FREE personalised delivery for purchases over $100 to customers within a 50km radius of Melbourne or Selba Farm.

For further details on shipping, please contact Chris or Selvie.

We can make infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil according to your request